Monday, January 23, 2006

Republicans and the Arts

It is an inherent irony that those who support the arts (the wealthy who are often Republicans) and those who create the art (the poor who are usually Democrats) so heavily rely upon each other for their entertainment/livelihood but wouldn't spit on one another if on fire.

In Die Fledermaus it is tradition that, during the Act Two party, special guests, usually benefactors, celebrities or politicians, are announced by the Butler character and are invited to sit on stage during the ballet number as a sort of "Gee whiz, aren't you keen to be a supporter of our little art form, so thanks and here's your chance to fulfill that fantasy of being on stage without having to answer uncomfortable personal questions about your campaign donations (well, for the politicians, at least)". While I wasn't surprised that Slade Gordon and his wife were the special guests on Saturday night, it was a devious little bit of programming as it was broadcast night and none of us could boo without everyone in the world hearing it.

Clever. Very clever.

(I edited this after consuming revivifying amounts of caffeine. Never blog when exhausted.)


AAM said...

slade is EVIL. EVIL. Could you see his beady red eyes glowing in the audience?

snusnu said...

Yes, and he was so cadaverous I was suprised he remained upright. His wife (who looked shockingly sweet) must have used Levicorpus.

AAM said...