Monday, January 09, 2006

The curse of Sallie Mae

And, in addition to tragedy, we have comedy. It turns out that we owed back payments to Sallie Mae as, when we changed our checking account last summer due to some punk ass shithead stealing our outgoing mail and said mail containing checks, we didn't change our direct debit for SM as we changed it for 10,000 other things and that one got missed. Well, they never contacted us with payment requests and they tanked my credit. As soon as we found out (a credit check was run for a refi and my heretofore perfect credit had dropped by 100 points), we electronically sent them a payment for the total amount owed.

Today, I received an email saying that the bank returned the payment as they couldn't find our account. WHAT??? I want to know why on God's green earth all this shit is happening now. I thought this year was going to go so well.

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