Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A girl named Sue.

I hate the name Sue. I had a horrible neighbor growing up whose nickname was SueSue and was the most wretched tantrum-throwing, parent-abusing, dog-nose-denting cow ever born, and who grew up to be a serial procreator and useless layabout.

Sue is a legal action, a Johnny Cash song, a negative association. I never diminute the name of anyone unless I've known them for such a long time that saying their whole name over and over would take hours off my life. I would appreciate the same courtesy. Suzy is fine, as long as it's spelled correctly. Suz is just great. Everyone calls me Suz. As long as the nickname has the "zzzz" sound, I will accept it. But not Sue. Not ever. Especially not from a Dean's office staff person who has never even met me. That is not OK.

Oh, and here's my new hair:

Oy. I have chubby girl cheeks.


ible said...
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ible said...

I like your new hair cut - it's very artistical .

AAM said...

Stop with the chubby thing, you look beeeutiful.

wrestlefancoug said...

Wonderful usage of color and composition.

shellswick said...

YAY!@ Great hair!