Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I ended up in Puerto Rico via Russia

New Year's Eve went well. Really well. So well, in fact, that the man himself complimented me last night while at rehearsal for Fledermaus. He said I was wonderful. The word phenomenal was also used. About me. With the word acting in the same sentence. Hee. Of course, he was probably just being nice. I did end up sounding Russian when I tried to put on a Puerto Rican accent. However, he is a very kind and gracious person. I'm sure he was just being nice. Yeah.

People at the after party pulled me aside to tell me how much they liked me. I was stared at. I'm hoping it wasn't because I was continually having to hoist up my dress. Note to self: add straps to dress. Big boobs + strapless dress + gravity = high class.

Mom's jacket and the accompanying dress were much admired.

The girls were all fabulous, as always.

I need to grow out my bangs. I have a potato face. Eep.


AAM said...

You ARE phenomenal! He wasn't just being nice. And tho thay look nice, the bangs on the others look kinda dated. Your hair looks good. No potato.

shellswick said...

You look fucking great. And you are fucking great.