Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Do I look like I can fit into a tutu?

Never let a choreographer run an opera rehearsal. Wearing an unfamilar dress weighing upwards of ten pounds, three inch heels and a very hot wig while having to trot and conga and fling ourselves about the stage all for the sake of a parallel line does not for happy singers make. We are not light or light footed. We are not dancers. We're big people with much weight to be borne by teetery shoes and our muscles and joints can't comfortably take the unfamilar strain. Yes, I know we need to exercise. Shut up. But, there is no reason on God's green earth to EVER run a scene three times at a dress rehearsal. Never, ever, ever. If we don't have it by now, we're not going to get it, as should have been painfully obvious by the blank looks on choristers' faces when asked to move even the tiniest bit from the spot they SWORE they had been blocked to. Worst. Rehearsal. Ever.

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shellswick said...

Bad dress, good run.