Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I shall from this point on be known as Louise.

I want to have an iconic haircut, one that, when friends see it on other people, think, "Oh, that's Suzy's cut. It looks better on her." I want to be content with one do and one color and retain both for many years, so every picture of me looks like me and clerks don't have to ask for four pieces of ID, including one with my current hair color, to confirm that I haven't stolen some blonde's wallet.

The problem is that I've never been able to adequately describe how I want the stylist to cut the back of my bob. I want it shorter in back and longer in front, and I want the back blended from the lower edge of the bob down my nape. I don't want a little hair wedge that comes to a point and looks like bangs on backwards and I don't want a precarious precipice. This is not 1985.

Shall I try again? Shall I throw my hair and caution to the wind and call the stylist who did my updo for New Year's who seemed to understand when I asked her if my bob description was clear? Shall I????

If I shall, I shall post pictures.


AAM said...

you shall, it is called an inverted bob. I can go with you. I'm good at this sort of thing.

Christian said...

Go for it babe! I'll still love you. I promise. And what are the odds they'd fuck it up? God himself could not...ok sorry, I won't jinx it.

my word verification is "nelsz". hmmm. And I just did the dishes.