Friday, October 08, 2010

And a well done to you, madam.

I don't buy a lot of things for myself, especially jewelry.  I'm really cheap and nice jewelry isn't.  However, when Viv was born, I very much wanted a pendant with her initial on it, and, because I'm apparently a huge snob, I got it at Tiffany.  I liked it so much that when my nephew A was born, I bought one for my sister.  However, the chain that came with the pendant was ridiculously fragile, and one tug from Viv broke it in two places.  As the same thing happened to Tina's necklace, I took both back to Tiffany to see if they could repair or replace the chain.  They took the jewelry and gave me a work order and told me to expect the necklaces in six weeks.  Months went by and I almost forgot about it, but the other day, I suddenly missed the necklace.  I found the receipt and called Tiffany's repair number and was told, very nicely, that they didn't seem to have any record of the repair order.  When I called the store where we took the jewelry, the manager was sweetly and genuinely upset.  She promised to fix the problem, called me back shortly and, in a very apologetic manner, told me that the necklaces had been lost somewhere between Seattle and New York. She assured me that she would make it right, even though she knew that the sentiment couldn't be replaced.  Still, I was surprised when I received a box today from Belinda, the manager, with three boxes inside, our two pendants and a gift.  Behold:

That's some unexpectedly remarkable customer service.