Thursday, January 12, 2006

I will not be bringing a salad, entree OR dessert.

I am morally opposed to potlucks. Not church potlucks or neighborhood potlucks, mind you, where either the organization cannot afford to feed the hordes or the organizers merely wish to bring people together and the food is incidental, but work potlucks, where the organization can pay, and where staff are expected to spend $20-$50 out of their meager paychecks to make a dish large enough to feed all of the other employees, most of whom don't bring a dish themselves. AND, inevitably, at our potlucks, I can never eat what the other people bring anyway, as the ersatz chefs get faux-posh and put things like anchovy paste in the sauce and then top their quiche with pine nuts. Rat bastards.

Therefore, I will NOT be bringing a dish to the Valentine's Day potluck. I know my artichoke dip will be missed.


AAM said...

YAY! Make it for us then. yum. I will not feed you nuts or fish in return.

AAM said...

and anybody who puts anchovies in potluck food should be smacked upside the head. gak.