Monday, March 27, 2006

Two small rules of ambulatory etiquette.

1. If you are walking down a hallway that has been narrowed by considerable construction barriers, please do not walk three abreast, especially if you are walking more slowly than most 100 year olds who have arthritis. And if I am pushing a dolly loaded with boxes of books and the person I'm walking with is carrying a large carpet, when I say "excuse me," that doesn't move I'm sorry for getting in your way. It means get out of mine.

2. If you then get to the elevator shortly after me and my aforementioned dolly and carpet, don't shove past us to get on the elevator first and let the door almost close on us. And then especially don't stop halfway into the elevator and not allow us any room to set our loads down. You can walk up the one flight of stairs to your destination. We cannot carry our shit up three.


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