Friday, March 31, 2006

Don't you just want to sniff them?

With their little, sweet birdie smell.

God, I wish I were home. Christian, the rat bastard, is working from home today and has been able to capture some amazing bird shots.

What are they looking at? Pierre looks ready to bolt at any moment. Look at those fanned out tail feathers. My man takes phenomenal pictures. Look at the identical curve of the back mirroring the curve of the beak. And....pretty. Blue. Green. Yeah.

No surface is safe from parrot destruction. Not my favorite shirt, or the couch cushions, my toe this morning...

Fluffy pooper! Gleaming in a cloud of dust, generated by Fritz, most likely. Have you ever seen a parrot shake their feathers with the sun behind them? Not a sight for the faint-hearted or fastidious. We're real sanitary folks.

And, finally, proof that Gwendolyn EATS:

I'm so happy.


ible said...

I think I agree with AAM . You people are starting to scare me .

Rat Bastard ! Is Rat King far behind ?

snusnu said...

If everyone else can talk about their kids, we can talk about our pets. They require less upbringing, are cheaper and smell better.