Tuesday, March 21, 2006

One more mouth to feed...

Christian just called me from his drive in to work to tell me that he actually WITNESSED Gwendolyn eating, a feat heretofore reserved for the third graders in whose classroom she lived for a tortuous year and the other pets in our house who don't really care anyway as they have their own food issues. We've never seen her open her mouth and the vet couldn't even pry it open, thus leading us to believe that she was incapable of doing so. Consequently, we had no idea as to how she continued to survive her Ghandi impersonation. What were her political motivations? We'll never know. She just refuses to talk.

Christian has gotten into the habit, good man, of giving her warm water in the morning and soaking her in it, and to exit her pool she has to pass right by the food dish. Well, we bought superworms thinking she might like them and knowing that the frogs love them, and apparently, as corroborated by an eyewitness, she saw the worm, nudged the worm, opened her surprisingly large mouth and gulped the worm down whole.

Did her starvation finally weaken the regime against which she was protesting? Were her people set free? I'd like to think so. If she ate merely because she was hungry, that would be so passe.


AAM said...

She is rather Ghandi like.

shellswick said...

I wonder if that method works for starlettes too? And, Superworms?!