Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mid-Rehearsal Stress Syndrome

How the holy good jeepers almighty am I going to get through the next week? All of this below plus full time day job:

Tonight: Rehearsal and pack
Friday-Sunday: Out of town
Sunday night: Rehearsal
Monday night: Rehearsal
Tuesday night: Costume fitting and rehearsal
Wednesday night: Rehearsal
Thursday night: Coaching and call back (for which I've only started learning the music but have to have it memorized by a week from today)
Friday night: Dress rehearsal for concert
Saturday: Coaching (hopefully) and rehearsal for recital
Sunday: Recital and then rehearsal for ANOTHER concert after recital

Shit. I still don't have my music memorized for the recital.

1 comment:

AAM said...

Wow, I'm impressed. My life is boring in comparison. We always want what we dont have dont we?
Hang in there. this weekend will be good for you.