Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Death by Idiocy

I have been hyper vigilant about peanuts my entire life. I don't eat in Thai restaurants because, come on, there is no way peanuts haven't contaminated EVERYTHING in a kitchen as would be in such a restaurant, I don't allow peanut butter in my home and Christian has to brush his teeth and mouth twice before he can kiss me if he eats a peanut butter candy.

So, it would only be logical to assume that I would check a bag full of cookies from which I was extracting a particularly scrumptious-looking molasses one for any evidence of peanut. I glanced, saw oatmeal raisin and though woo hoo, no nuttage. Well, lurking underneath the bags of Tim's Cascade Style Chips (which I can't eat either as they're fried in peanut oil) next to the two oatmeal raisin cookies were two lethal peanut butter death bombs.

Thank God my cookie wasn't touching them.

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