Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm ashamed to post this picture.

Not because of Persephone, she-who-will-most-likely-get-big-enough-to-eat-my-head, of whom I'm very proud, but because it looks like we live in squalor. The inside of the door is filthy. How did I let it get that bad? Of course, it's the door to the area under the sink where we keep the cleaning supplies (how ironic) and the garbage can, so it's bound to get dirty, but ack! The filth! I'm so ashamed.

However, the picture is a hoot and everyone should witness the glory that is our girly in all her getting-really-bigness and her perfectly forked sniffing appendage. Christian was cleaning her cage and had her around his neck and she crawled right off and onto the towel rack. I'm surprised it could support her weight. She's a tank, just like her momma:

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Scott said...

I thought this was the instructive 'how snakes wipe' photo?!?