Monday, March 06, 2006


I was very worried over the weekend as I couldn't find my work master key and, as I am one of only three people who have them and need it ALL THE TIME as I'm the key bitch, I braced myself for some strong words. If a master key is lost, all of the doors in the department have to be rekeyed at a cost of many thousands. I had suspicions as to its location as the last time I remembered having it was on Thursday when I lent it to a certain faculty member who shall remain nameless who had locked his keys in his office, and I hadn't seen it since, but he SWORE up and down that he gave it back.

I checked my drawer where the key is kept again this morning and it had not magically reappeared over the weekend, which it couldn't have anyway as the drawer is locked, so imagine my startlement when I opened the drawer again to take out my purse and there hung the key, dangling innocently as if it had been there all along. Very tricksy, that key. I suspect it went on a bender over the weekend and is now feeling guilty about its debauched behavior so it returned to its rightful place. I won't ever ask it about its weekend, though, as that would violate the sacred privacy trust between key and me. I don't want to put that kind of pressure on it.


Christian said...

Yay! I'm glad you found it, love, I know u were stressed about it.

Darned keys.

ible said...

Hmmm, will it tell you what it did (and with whom) at some later date when it's feeling guilty, and not hungover?


snusnu said...

I'm hoping. It should be an interesting story. I can live vicariously.