Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm glad it's benefitting SOMEone.

From the Seattle Times:

"Sure you're ready for the rain to stop — but don't be selfish about this.

Think of your fellow frog.

While persistent precipitation has dampened human spirits around Puget Sound, Northern red-legged frogs and long-toed salamanders have been reveling in rain-swollen lakes and ponds.
The hearty amphibians started breeding in mid-January, and females are laying more eggs than usual after bulking up on a bounty of snails, slugs and other wet-weather goodies, said Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife research scientist Marc Hayes. An abundance of standing water means fewer eggs will dry up and die before hatching.

"This is the kind of weather that's absolutely terrific for amphibians," he said."

I'm going to go frogging.


AAM said...

according to NOAA Just in time for spring la nina is here..finally a change. Unfortunately this means a cold wet summer. It's going to rain frogs isn't it?

snusnu said...

It did seem like the end of times last night. Very scary driving conditions.

ible said...

So this means frog legs on the menu at Red Robin this year ? Pass the ketchup si voo pley . Merci .

Das Klaun said...

Let's all go to Doc Hopper's!