Wednesday, February 22, 2006

If this trailer's rockin'...

The production of Cosi Fan Tutte I'm in right now (as chorus with SO) is in modern dress and has the two erstwhile young male lovers dressed up as bikers/rock stars when they return in disguise as rivals for their girlfriends' affections. They actually look like members of a Doors cover band, and not in a good way. The baritone is quite, um, well put together and they have him dressed in all leather with no shirt, and stenciled on his chest is an enormous tattoo, with a smaller tattoo lower on his stomach that reads "High Voltage". When we all finally realized what it said, we were laughing so hard we couldn't hear him singing. And then they stated that their mustaches are their "wands of love." [Edited to add: it was actually "flags of love." Christian saw the production last night and corrected me. He'd know, as he is sporting his very own own horrific flag of love, worthy of the greatest NASCAR fan, as we speak. There won't be any love, though, until it's gone. I can't kiss him without the hairs poking me so hard I sneeze.] This was after Dorabella used an inhaler during Smanie Implacabile. Well, she is gasping for breath in the song, I just never took it so literally. I really love this production.

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