Monday, February 13, 2006

Dear young lady who is currently in a meeting with my boss:

You're charming. Smart, tidy, darling shoes, excellent phone manner. However, you need to express your sense of individuality in a way other than using a perfume that smells more like urine and less like fragrance the further one gets away from the source, and one has to be far away from the source in order to not choke to death as you apparently replaced your hot water heater with an atomizer and bathed in Liz Claiborne's hateful 80's eau de stink right before you came for your appointment. Not the best way to approach a professional about becoming a research assistant in a laboratory inside which you're not even allowed to apply lipstick. But, you have good hair. Go with that, instead.


ible said...

aBut how does one tell said "young lady" that she smells like eau do stink?

Is there a polite,(or any,) way?
Obviously, this is not an isolated incident.


ible said...

The REAL IBLE here : Hi Suz , I don't know if Lynn told you but she's using my user name to enter her comments to you.

She signs in as . . . MILLE . The nom derived from -

" Mother In Law "

Thank You .

ible said...

Scooze me. Perhaps the young lady in question may have a legal right to stink up her environs - - - um , may I ask , does she have a . . . Stinkin' Badge ?

snusnu said...

Alas, no badge was forthcoming.