Friday, April 28, 2006

Not so much on the eye for an eye thing, though.

I'm a very big fan of the biblical maxim, "If it offends thee, cut it off."

Offender: Tonsils
Cutoff date: December, 1986

Offender: Uterus
Cutoff date: July 28, 2002

Offender: Hair
Cutoff date: October, 2001; November 2003; January 2006

Offender: Retinas
Cutoff date: Haven't saved $2,000 yet, hopefully will soon.

But the kicker:

Offender: Stomach
Cutoff date: Haven't asked yet. Hopefully will soon.

So many of my problems would be solved by not having a stomach:

1. No hiatal hernia, so no reflux; no reflux so no vocal cord problems or chest pain
2. No ghrelin production, so no hunger; no hunger, so no huge chest, flabby arms and giganto butt.

I just have to convince someone that these syllogisms make sense.


AAM said...

NO CHEESE. think twice. NO CHEESE.

snusnu said...

But I wouldn't want the cheese. No ghrelin, no appetite. I would miss the cheese, though. My brain would, at least.

ible said...

But you're not going to remove the song in your heart right ?

AAM said...


ible said...

I like monterey and jack cheese on tostadas & tacos. Mmm .

Don't care much for cheese omlettes though . But I'll eat 'em anyway .

Feta cheese is fun to play with .