Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My father's daughter

I just spent 20 minutes picking stewed, canned tomato chunks out of my chili. I do the same thing with peas from fried rice. Because, you know, if I accidentally ate either, my head would explode.


ible said...

I have the same problem with mexican burritos and mexican food in general , You gotta be carfull about mexican food . . . it'll kill you if you're standing in the wrong spot . KA POW !

It wasn't mexican artillary that defeated Davy Crocket & company at The Alamo , you know .

Cassandra said...

I KNOW what you mean. The last time I ate chicken testicle soup with cock's comb (and I'm not making this up, I'm in France afterall) the fresh tarragon was just a little overboard for me.

snusnu said...

Yeah, that tarragon can be really bitter and intense.