Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Best. Invention. Ever.

I love my iPod, Jane. Not just love as in, "Wow, what a handy thing to have around," or "It's so convenient having all of my music in one place!" No. Love as in, "Stay five feet from her at all times or get strangled with my noise-cancelling earphones' cord. Mine. My iPod. No touchy. Don't touch it, I said! Stop breathing on it! You're steaming up the display! Gahhh (gahh being my killer karate move I'd whip out to protect it, 'cause it's a good little iPod, yes it is! So pretty. So shiny.... )!"

If I were pressed to do so, I suppose I would have to rank the printing press really as the #1 invention of all time, as I couldn't live without books, but the fact that Jane has 15 movies, three behind the scenes at the Disney Studios shows from the 50s and 60s, over 200 CDs, the Battlestar Galactica 2003 miniseries, the whole Firefly series, countless other Aardman and Disney shorts, constantly shields me from the painful reality of life and the inherent rehearsal drama stemming from no one on the artistic staff actually having communicated with each other and every scene having to be reblocked to the conductor's satisfaction, it really is the invention that has enriched my life to the most fulfilling degree. And it keeps crazy people from talking to me on the bus.

Why is it, though, that bus headphone "don't talk to me" etiquette doesn't apply to rehearsal? The second I put the headphones on during rehearsal breaks, everyone must talk to me at THAT PRECISE MOMENT, especially if it's to only ask what I'm watching or what is that or tell me that I'm addicted. I'm NOT addicted. I can stop any time I want. I mean, I left Jane at home today and my hands are only shaking a little. And I have to go home tonight after work anyway, as I can't wear a dress to rehearsal, so picking Jane up has nothing to do with it. Nothing at all. I'll just finish the episode of Alias I'm watching right now and then I'll be able to concentrate on other things. Really! I swear.


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