Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hmmm...that manatee would be a nice treat...

You have to have a license to keep a cat or dog, but superpredators, ah, anyone can keep those! Oh, and as people breed and sell them online as they bring a good price and the general public (dickwad, punkass idiots, mostly) want to buy them thinking how cool it would be to have a pet that eats LIVE GOATS living in their basement, a pet that they can bring out at parties to scare the chicks, they're available EVERYWHERE, and relatively cheaply, especially for an animal that lives FIFTY YEARS. Cool, man. And you know, when the pet gets too big, the fucktard owner can just let it go! Because, dude, it's a GOOD idea to let a Burmese python go in a national park where the wildlife balance is SO DELICATE that half the indigenous species are endangered and the other half threatened.

It's a terribly unpopular position among those who keep these pets responsibly, but I do believe the possession of very large exotics should be illegal. It's not permissible to keep a tiger in your home, so why should be be legal to keep an animal so large that it can consume the family pets, including the children? That would halt the moronic gene pool, though, so maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing.

Oh, and MSN? If you're going to post a picture of a python to go along with the above-mentioned story, make sure it's the right species: a BURMESE python. Not a BALL python, one of the SMALLEST python species, and one that is common in households (as pets, I mean, not just lurking behind cupboards and such, like a spider). Fact check, people. It takes five seconds.

This public service post brought to you by CAPS LOCK.

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