Monday, April 10, 2006

If I can't have a real one...

I'll make a fluffy one. I'm very proud of his embroidered nose.

Felting is an interesting process. Ever put a wool sweater in the wash on warm and take it out to find it half the size and really firm? That's felting. It's taking an expensive product and making it cheap. Smooth and pretty, but cheap. It makes for a fantastic toy body, though. Thick. Water-repellant.

Christian had a busy weekend about the house as well. We are slowly replacing all of our crappy household apparati with better quality products. Note the manky grout behind the sink. I bleach it every week and it still looks like that. Well, it's what happens when you have 40 year old countertops. I can't wait to remodel.


AAM said...

You're going to have to knit a faucet cozy now!

Christian said...

The sink looks like it's overlooked by a little city of futuristic victorian buildings. Or strange metallic alien overlords. Cool! I can hardly wait to get home and play with the soap dispenser!