Friday, June 09, 2006

Weighing time at the zoo, Part 1.

Please forgive the lack of posting the past few days. Blogger was experiencing some technical difficulties but promised to get back to me shortly!

We have taken to weighing the pets as a change as small as 5% in body weight can indicate health problems in animals at the bottom of the food chain. They have to maintain an appearance of health so they don't get eaten in the wild, and only show signs of illness when they're ready to croak, to pardon the pun. We had to purchase a gram scale as the birds are so dainty they don't even weigh an ounce. Fluffy bunnies. The frogs, too, are more accurately measure in grams.

First, the birds, on their handy little scale perch:

We did, of course, weigh them separately and record the weights, but it was cuter to show them together. Note that they're so small, they weigh NOTHING! Actually, if anything is on the scale when it is turned on, it tares that weight. It'd better for $80.

Next were the frogs, and, as you can see, that was great fun.

There was much resistance and hopping away. Poor chubby trinkets. Squinky, of course, winkled on me.

Gwendolyn was easy and bewildered, and she can be weighed in ounces on the kitchen scale (which we, of course, don't weigh food on, Mom.):

And, as I STILL can't get all of my pictures to post, see part two for their squirmynesses.

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