Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The perfect response for that irksome co-worker.

Not having children opens up ones personal life to many inappropriate and prying questions, mostly from utter strangers and unbelievably nosy co-workers. I have gleaned some excellent responses to impertinent questions about our childlessness from an excellent thread about this same subject on my favorite Disney forum:

Question: Are you going to have children?


1. Alas! My womb is barren!
2. How do you make a baby? We haven't figured that out yet.
3. I was bathed in acid rain as a toddler, so I'm sterile.
4. Why? So I can share in your misery?
5. There are much better ways to contribute to humanity then simply by adding to it.
6. I like to visit elephants at the zoo, but don't want one in my living room.
7. Are you asking if I'm having sex with my husband?

And my personal favorite:

8. I do have a child! He's right h....oh my God! Where's the baby!


shellswick said...

Personally, I like. "Well, I would, but I can't finish a whole one."


Das Klaun said...
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Das Klaun said...

It's true. Her mom needs to let it go ayeady.

AAM said...

how about "only with ranch dressing."
ACTUALLY, we know alot of people who will not have kids. You are not alone. I 'm lucky my parents and Chris' parents arent obnoxious about this issue.