Friday, June 09, 2006

If we could just do all these things on one income.

As Blogger was down, I have many mental posts and, if I don't write them down, my head shall explode.

I received unadulterated and will-destroying Disney propaganda in the mail this week. Actually, I was OVERNIGHTED temptation, that's how important I am. I put in a request on the DVC website to be sent their "guaranteed to crush your pitiful resistance" book and DVD, describing in excrutiating detail all the benefits of joining the Happiest Borg on Earth. And what a lovely little package of soul destruction it is. Disney doesn't mess around with people who could possibly be convinced to spend, and yes, this is the right number, $15,000 to join their plot to incorporate every American into the Disney dream. The informational book is hard bound, glossy picture crack. I found myself stroking it lovingly and Christian laid on the floor while eating, reading and muttering words like, "Pretty" and "Oooooh" and "Wow" for about an hour. We then had to watch the DVD, with the requisite wanna-drop-her-off-a-cliff perky blonde popping from location to location in an escalating campaign of subjugation through travel lust. Of course I want to use my vacation points to travel all over the globe! Duh! I, too, could visit the Far East and throw in a trip to Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea while I'm at it. I mean, I can visit over 500 locations around the world, Disney and non-Disney while I'm at it! What's $15,000?? Well, it's everything if you don't have it. Oh, but they have financing! Financing vacations. Never a good way to secure fiscal solvency. But the book is sooooo pretty.

We're surrendering and hiring a housekeeper. In the two weeks that I've had off of singing, the last thing on earth I've wanted to do is clean. Yes, work at taking care of other's needs all day and then clean and cook and do laundry when I get home. It will be an unimaginable luxury to come home to a clean house. With the two of us working so much, it just isn't feasible to come home and vacuum, dust, mop, and our house is suffering. I usually clean on Saturday mornings, but I've been way too tired and, on my few days off, I want to knit or go to the movies or sleep or do anything but sweep under the bed. Now, if I weren't working a day job, I would relish cleaning. I actually really like making my house neat and pretty when I have time. But, when I don't, it can go hang because BookWorm is more important, dammit! I CANNOT wait to have someone else clean the baseboards of the kitchen. And the stove. They're going to have to have artillery to clean the stove as we can't use oven cleaner with the birds in the house. The heat and the drippings have probably combusted to create life hitherto unknown which will require small arms to destroy. But, I won't have to do it. Ha! I just have to make sure I'm not home when she's there or I'll walk after her with a duster and ask her if she really thinks the entertainment center is clean enough.

I think that's all for now. If I'm bleeding out my ears later, I'll know I've forgotten something.

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AAM said...

This house cleaner thing is a great idea. It's all well and good if you have time, but when you're as busy as you guys are, your free time is precious! Well done!!!