Monday, June 05, 2006

Because I bare my privates at your aunties.

I have a theory that there are really only two kinds of people in the world. There are those who like British comedy and those who don't.

Those who like British comedy also like:

1. Animation in general and all things Disney, in particular
2. Books and reading
3. The arts
4. Travel

They tend to be:

1. Whimsical
2. Smart
3. Socially aware
4. Nerdy

Those who don't like British comedy like:

1. Pro sports
2. Trucks
3. Movies like "The Fast and the Furious"
4. The U.S. of A.

They tend to be:

1. Very, very literal
2. Limited in their knowledge of world events
3. Traditional in values
4. Very religious

It's my acid test of people with whom I'd like to be friends. If I say, "He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy," and the hearer doesn't laugh, they are forever spurned. That, and they have to like cheese. I have very limited requirements for potential friends.


AAM said...


ible said...
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ible said...

( The deleted comment is from ible cuz of mis-spelled word )

Hard cheese for non-Britts,
I LOVE cheese but I spurn it , An un-requited love one might say .

shellswick said...

Can I not be whimsical? I hate whimsy.

snusnu said...

Sure, you do.

ible said...

I myself like Fosdick what's his name from Li'l Abner

And I like football , Stravinsky , Devorak , Mozart , Aaron Coplan , Bartletts Quotations and WW Eye Eye

MjBCoug said...

How am I to be classified? I love British comedy (Absolutely Fabulous being one of THE BEST TV shows of all time) and yet I am an immense fan of professional sports. Add to the mix that I am obsessed with professional wrestling of all kinds and don't mind NASCAR one bit...and you have the conundrum that is me.