Monday, June 12, 2006

It's the little things.

Until yesterday, we had utterly catastrophic water pressure in our shower. A tepid trickle, a sad stream, an insignificant issuance. However, my BRILLIANT husband, after seeing the variety of sediments filling our pipes when a blockage caused by basil stems (ahem) necessitated a call to the plumber, he decided to take apart the shower head and piping to see if similar detrius had accumulated therein. He opened the filter on the showerhead to find ROCKS, little pebbles, jangling about in the joint between the pipe and the head, trapped behind the filter. It was like a maraca. I could do a little Carmen Miranda number in the shower.

Anyway, aforementioned brilliant husband cleaned the shower head and OH MY GOD, I had a real shower for the first time in two years. TWO YEARS I TELL YOU! I swear it took ten minutes off my routine. I could rinse without doing a little dance when the pressure was too weak to get all the soap off and I think I actually got all the shampoo out of my hair. Conditioner, too. My hair is so shiny and manageable!

I feel so clean.


Christian said...

Who luvs ya babe? Next up is fixing/replacing the diverter apparatus on the tub faucet, since more than half the water still gushes out of the faucet I notice.

And I'm not THAT brilliant. I came to this realization (blocked filter)after thinking about the basil blockage, then when last the snow fell in Seattle and I foolishly blow-dried the pipes under the sink, only to figger out it was the sediment deposits in the faucet. Duh. So it takes about 2 years for me to come up with solutions to things :P

Christian said...

Speaking of Snow, do you have any pictures of the last time it snowed, my darling?

Embley said...

I would totally pay to see the Carmen Miranda shower dance. Tee hee.

Christian said...

Make that two.