Friday, May 05, 2006

They'd better wash my costumes.

Thank God and all the saints, tech week is over. Finito. We open tomorrow. We made it through last night without stopping, but there still was a vitriolic issuing from the pit through most of the performance. I'm hoping that the torrent will cease once a paying audience is in the house, but I may as well hope that Stephen Colbert actually gets hired for the White House Press Secretary job for all the likelihood of it actually happening. I really like and respect the conductor, but man, he's a walking stereotype. EVERYthing has an EXCLAMATION point at the end. I keep expecting him to scream "Spaghetti! Roma! Al dente!"

Come to the production, if only to hear Macduff. Now THAT'S a voice.

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shellswick said...

I would if I could :(