Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The temptation to kiss it would be overwhelming.

I've been watching Battlestar Galactica's first season on my iPod, and I'm to the episode where the President is hallucinating as a side effect of her cancer drugs, and she sees snakes crawling on her podium from which she's giving a press conference on fuel shortage. The first snake she sees is a ball python, which looks exactly like Frederick (pictured below as a baby). All I could think was, "Cooter! Gimme! Oh, the little pooper, who's the best snakey in the universe? You are, yes you are!"

If I were the President, I would have picked it up, kissed it and made cooing sounds, and the press would have recorded me doing so for later broadcast to prove that I was off my rocker. Of course, then I would have gotten salmonella and, if I had cancer, that would be a really stupid thing to do, compromised immune system and all.

I have to say that it irritated me, though, as the snakes were making "Foleyed" hissing sounds, and I've NEVER heard my snakes hiss. Also, the snakes they showed were all very docile species, like milk snakes and corn snakes (tweeters!). Of course, if I was in deep space and my brain went Indiana Jones on me, I'd be a bit unnerved, too.


Christian said...

Why'd it have to be snakes! But I'm sure for you it would be big spiders crawling on the podium.

Also, what's not apparent in this photo is that Frederick (on the bed) is about 10" long! Wee snake! How I wuv him! Noogie noogie noogie!

And come on, what greater joy in life is there than waking up to a snake in your bed? ;)

Christian said...

ps He looked more like a large worm at this stage than a real snake.

Why didn't we take more baby pictures!

snusnu said...

Because we're horrible pet owners adn don't really love our bambini.

shellswick said...

You realize that the kids are going to stop Trick-or-Treating at your house very, very soon...