Friday, May 12, 2006


I got a compliment today (from the only person at work who could give it and not have it be inappropriate) about how my new bras are making my boobs look much higher and perkier and how the overall effect is very flattering. I, of course, then had to show her the strap so she could see that the bra I'm wearing today is pink. Pink! With a leafy applique!

And it only cost $68 (said with sarcasm). But, if it can make my rack look perky, I would pay with my soul. And then I'd be able to speak Spanish, so it might not be such a bad trade.


shellswick said...

Brand and model number pls

Das Klaun said...


ible said...

How does one conjugate BOOBS in Spanish. Or for the matter - english .

Boober , boobest , boobbetter, boobah. boobmost . boobmostest .

Boobbeen , boobwas , boobwere , boobare . boobam.

What !

Chris said...

Can't...stop...laughing! Thanks Sal!

snusnu said...

Bra info is on its way, Shellswick.