Monday, May 22, 2006

A day in the life of a suburban housewife.

Yesterday, I slept in until 11 am. I got up, dyed my hair, had a cup of tea, got my hair cut, cleaned the house, cooked an elaborate dinner and went to bed late after knitting and watching Alias. I am highly domesticated.

The opera is over. All hail summer vacation. Well, for two weeks anyway.


Christian said...

The pasta primevera was great! And just snarfed down the leftovers for lunch!

ible said...

I followed your blog easily up to the part where you got your hair cut . Did you leave the house then came back ? or did a traveling hair stylist come by the door with a free demo and an offer of a free tomato slicer thrown in ?

Us country bumpkins get boggled easily .