Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's OK to have dogs and cats, because they LIKE being oppressed.

It's assholes like the author of this article that encourage parents with allergic children to keep pets. I don't like this site.

I'm going to have a bit of a rant that many people will disagree with. I don't like PETA. As a matter of fact, I loathe PETA. The assumption of a holier-than-thou vegan lifestyle seems to give members a carte blanche to condemn those who don't eschew all animal products. What, because the cows would run free through the prairies if they weren't on a wicked, wicked farm? I want all animals to be treated humanely as I adore all creatures (even those I can't be within a mile of), and there is a special level of hell for all of those who mistreat animals, but the judgmental quality of these two organizations towards the keeping of anything other than dogs and cats pisses me off. Their narrow minded extremism is highly arrogant and is based on the presumption that, because I keep non-furry animals, I'm a oppressor and beast who must be a republican. Both organizations strongly discourage the ownership of exotics, and especially the purchase of exotics from breeders as such will, of course, only encourage the pet trade. I have made EVERY EFFORT to avoid imported animals and want to work very hard to help halt the dangerous and environmentally damaging import of exotics. So those of us who wish to responsibly own exotics are basically painted as evil, uncaring bastards who think only of our own desires and nothing of the well-being of these animals we're forcing into captivity for our own nefarious purposes (yeah, that's why I regularly get up at the asscrack of dawn to clean the stinky snake cage so they don't have to sit in their own pee). They especially discourage people from owning birds, and the reasons they give are many and disputable. Yes, birds are extremely intelligent and should be given as much freedom and the healthiest enviroment as possible, but this does not mean that keeping one makes the owner worthy of of the type of guilt the author is trying to whip us with. I have worked very hard to be a good pet owner, researching the needs of my animals BEFORE I acquire them, adopting when possible and giving them the best enviroment for their needs. I'M A GOOD PERSON, DAMMIT!!!

The dog/cat owner absolution also infuriates me. What, it's OK to subjugate and oppress some kinds of animals and not others? Yes, dogs and cats are domesticated, but that was human work. The snobbery and arrogance held by the individuals writing on behalf of these two organizations towards anyone who either chooses another species as a pet or decides to preserve their own health or the health of their family is pretty evocative of the black and white views of their type. I have no use for these people.


AAM said...

Plenty of stupid people are pet owners fuzzy AND otherwise, I'ts very sad. Sadder still these people are usually the ones who have kids. SIGH...

AAM said...

Equally unfortunate is the tendancy of groups with a good cause ending up militant. You are a good pet owner!!

Das Klaun said...

Yeah, only an idiot would argue in favor of cruelty to animals (and many do) but PETA is too strident, too unyielding, and their goals are unrealistic.

Scott said...

Yeah, What about our situation, where our bird, a 'highly prized' african grey, was offered to us as a rescue?

Am I to refuse this amazing creature for some 'ethical' reason?

Ethical treatment occurs when you actuasly 'treat' something. To suggest the best way to treat something is to avoid it, No makey sensey.

I can see the arguement for minimal extraction of birds form natural habitat (rat a tat tat) and I can also agree with there being better ways to treat and handle birds.

But lets also look at the great points about how people do a dreadful job of raising kids in this world.

There has been a TOTAL failure in the system we have (point the finger wherever you choose and you will be pointing at the ones RESPOSIBLE for NOT being responsible!!!) in teaching people to be competent and responsible people.

So, perhaps, like birds in the mine, used for early gas warning, we can see that the overall system of caregivers is lacking.

Tine for new ideas to make this better.

ANd since they are new ideas, we must reject them.

Peace and absolut misery,