Friday, September 02, 2005

It will be the topic of every american blogger.

I cannot comprehend the scope of devastation brought about by Katrina. The photos of the dead the NY Times has published seem unreal, like stills from a movie. I can't seem to accept them as real.

As those who are able sift through the immense quantity of reporting surrounding this event, we must try to glean the truth from the deluge of information regarding our government's role in the prevention of damage and response to the disaster. Did Army Corp of Engineers' funding get cut by the federal government, leaving the levees in New Orleans in a potentially disastrous state of disrepair? Why did Bush not cut his vacation short to immediately approve a relief package, send National Guard troops and visit the destruction? Why were so many people allowed to loot and require the declaration of martial law with no military presence made available to halt the lawlessness? If these hideous and shameful accusations are true as it seems they are, I hope that this finally leads those who allide themselves with our administration to see that no concern for the well-being of the american people is held by these men. Our president's profound greed, selfishness and willful blindness will be exposed through this horrific tragedy.

You won't hear me speaking much about my faith in public, as doing so carries the large possibility of alienating those who do not share those beliefs, but at a time like this, I don't care. I am thanking God every moment that none of my loved ones live in the path of damage. For those who do have family and friends who have been affected, I will light the never-fail vigil candles at Mass on Sunday. May the Christian right (who are neither), the soulless figureheads of our country, finally do the right thing and act in a way befitting those who purport to follow the person at the supposed center of their beliefs. Let them fix what has broken and give the assistance it is in their power to give in the way that Christ would want them to do.


Christian said...

I agree with bizz printer; your blog is great.

"Leaving the levees"? Hey, I like the sound of that. But yes, I agree that this may well be a wake up call to many (remaining) Americans who don't see Bush's arogance and selfishness. I know it's also a reminder for me to be grateful for what we do have.

Oh, and does anyone know the name of a good wholesale printing service? Bastards.

AAM said...

Hey Suz, great post!How can we donate thru the Barry Manilow thing?

Das Klaun said...

The Bush supporters are too busy proclaming that New Orleans got what it deserved. See

Das Klaun said...

Gyah, it didn't post right. Go to my blog for the full link.