Saturday, November 12, 2011

Days One through Three PB (Post-Binky)

Day One:

9:00 pm:  Subject given six ounces of whole organic milk as part of ritualized evening dairy consumption.  Subject placed on horizontal sleeping apparatus ("bed") and investigator #1("mother," heretofore known as #1) explained process of removal of soothing aid (heretofore known as "binky") from nighttime routine.  Subject vociferously objects, stating that, "she's not ready to be a big girl," despite assertions earlier in day of readiness.  #1 sings random selection of British and American folk songs in attempt to soothe subject.  Effort fails.  #1 calls in investigator #2 ("father," heretofore known as #2).  #2 repeats attempts of #1 while subject exhibits considerable distress, evidenced by increasingly vociferous lacrimatory expressions. #1 and #2 alternate periods of presence and soothing with periods of isolation.  Isolation coupled with verbal reassurances from a distance of ten feet.  Subject fatigued but unwilling to remain in "bed" until #1 occupies "bed" with her.

11:00 pm:  Subject asleep.

Day Two:

2:00 pm:  Subject given six ounces of organic milk.  #1 repeats description of experiment.  Subject again states unwillingness to participate.  #1, without the aid of #2, who is not present, attempts to soothe subject in similar manner to previous evening.  Attempts unsuccessful.  Subject escalates into pyrexia.  #1 provides subject with six ounces of water.  Subject refuses.  #1 remains with subject in "bed" with no periods of isolation.

3:30 pm:  Subject asleep.  Improvement over previous evening by thirty minutes.

Day Three:

9:00 pm:  #2 proceeds with experiment without presence of #1.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that subject exhibited similar behaviors to previous day.

10:30 pm:  #1 returns to lab and proceeds to provide subject with soothing interspersed with random folk song selections while occupying "bed" with subject.  Subject awake but tractable.

11:00 pm:  Subject asleep.  No improvement over previous evening.

Day Four:

1:00 pm:  Due to extreme delay of onset of sleep cycle of previous three evenings, subject extremely fatigued, irritable and intractable.  Attempts to induce daytime sleep cycle moved up one hour.  Subject given six ounces of organic milk.  #1 and #2 attempt by role play to introduce to subject replacement of dependency on "binky" with plush, irregularly shaped toy bearing initial of subject that subject can utilize when experiencing emotional distress.  Attempt seemingly successful.  Subject placed in "bed".  Replacement toy rejected and hurled across lab with considerable force, indicating unwillingness to transfer dependance.  #1 repeats folk songs and remains with subject in "bed."

1:45 pm:  Subject asleep.  Considerable improvement over previous evening.

Experiment ongoing.

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