Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day Four (Part 2) PB

9:30 pm:  Subject's bedtime moved back by thirty minutes.  Subject fatigued and irritable, partly due to cleansing routine involving apparently undesirable attention to hair and partly due to subject's desire to remain unclothed indefinitely and the impossibility of acquiescence by #1 and #2 due to median air temperature.  Subject given six ounces whole milk.  #2 attempted to induce somnolence in subject by combination of presence, soothing and recitation of narrative (extemporaneous).  Subject unwilling, demanded presence of #1. #1 continued course of presence (in "bed"), soothing and subject's choice of folk song(s).  Subject surprisingly alert.  #1 ceased presence and soothing when subject commenced licking of #1's nasal region while repeating vigorous contact of subject's forehead to that of #1.  #1 removed to floor.  Subject demanded extensive narrative dictating possible contents of subconscious during REM state.  Subject stated list of "dream contents" "not good enough."  #1 provided expressions of affection and removed to lower level of lab.

11:00 pm:  Subject silent, possibly in REM state.  Improvement of thirty minutes from previous evening.

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