Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day Five PB

2:00 pm:  Typical naptime onset resumed.  Subject provided six ounces whole milk.  Subject attempted to negotiate cessation of naptime.  Subject repeated assertions of being, "not ready to be a big girl" as well as "not tired."  Attempt failed.  Subject placed in "bed" accompanied by #1.  #1 followed typical protocol of comfort by presence, soothing and random assortment of folk songs.  Subject resisted.  Following thirty minute period of increasing level of subject activity, #1 departed with instructions for subject to remain "in bed." Subject declined to follow instructions, instead removed to doorway to exhort #1 and #2 to "come snuggle."  #1 replaced subject in "bed" and remained.

3:00 pm:  Subject asleep.  Mild improvement.

9:15 pm:  Subject provided six ounces whole milk.  Subject placed in bed by #2.  #2 followed typical protocol.  Subject resisted onset of REM state by a combination of vigorous and sustained physical activity and recitation (extemporaneous) for a period of thirty minutes.  #2 departed with instructions for subject to stay in "bed." Subject resisted and removed to doorway to demand presence of #1.  #1 declined but followed with detailed instructions for subject to remain in "bed" until a set time when #1 would join subject. Subject complied.  #1 removed to "bed" to sing folk songs and "snuggle."  Subject restless.  #1 instructed subject to assume an appropriately prostrate position or suffer the removal of #1.  Subject complied, briefly.  Subject initiated extended recitation (extemporaneous) while attempting to insert one or more digits into nostrils of #1.  #1 reasserted instructions.  Subject non-compliant.  #1 departed with words of comfort.

10:45 pm:  Subject quiet, REM state unlikely.  Sounds of thumping in region of "bed."  No improvement.

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