Monday, December 15, 2008

Quickly Changing

I am utterly floored by how quickly Viv is changing.  She's chubbier, thankfully, and often alert. She enjoyed meeting her great-Grandmother, for whom she is great granddaughter number eighteen:

And she already has become as enamored of Christmas as the rest of our family:

What do you get a two week old baby for Christmas?  

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Cassandra said...

OK, don't shoot me down for this but one thing that was really helpful for Nicolas was a snot sucker. Yes, when the poor little things get colds they can't blow their noses (until about 3 years old). You can give them NO medication whatsoever before 6 years old soooooo. In Europe, we shoot nasal saline solution up there and suck it out with our a special rubber tubey thing. It's you who do the sucking hun. With your mouth. It's not the very inefficient turkey juicer. My mother thought I was torturing him but when she saw what I pulled out . . . I had her blessing.