Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Again, they taunt us.

Olympic mountain shadow my ass.  Snow later today, please.  Why don't they just tell us the truth, that we all don't deserve the peace, beauty and serenity that snow grants us in this hullabalooing world?  Our Sodom to Portland's Gomorra, trapped in warm pockets of as little blissful billowy snow as meteorologically possible.  Wind, oh, we've got wind, rain, slush, fog...but no snow.  Never snow.  We're bad and must be punished.


shellswick said...

Well done! You taunted it out!

KUrlie said...

I have to say that the high you're on from being a new mommy has clearly distorted your clarity and that when it snows in Seattle there is anything resembling peace, beauty and serenity sister. More like chaos, catastrophe, and ass bruising. But really, enjoy;)

ShannonAlmighty said...

You can have some of our snow!