Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Progress, schmogress.

Working on weeknights on the exterior of the house is about as fruitful as cleaning a bathroom with a toothbrush. We don't have the daylight needed to get anything truly DONE. I'm hoping that Christian will be able to take a chunk out of the primering the east (and last) side today as he's working from home and can paint on his lunch hour and immediately after he finishes working. Once the primering is done, the real painting can begin, and I'm very excited for that. I am imagining what it will look like when it's all done and it makes me very happy.

The porch is looking fantastic:

As Christian said last night, it's so SOLID. I no longer feel as though the stair treads will pop off when I step on them. I mean, they have more than two screws in each, which really broke the bank. Those screws are awfully expensive and I can see why the people who built the last porch only used two per tread and three per plank on the top. That money was so much better spent on the range they bought for $3 at the Sears irregular sale.

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ible said...

All kidding aside ( my lame attempts at humor ) The new porch is a huge improvement to the house overall and makes a great focal point .

Mom and I will feel so much more at home when we visit and be so proud of your cute little house now that we're an integral part of it .

( it looks so. . . . how shall I say it . . . organized )