Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Porchish Pictures

The new porch will be finished on Thursday. We had to again evacuate the birds from the living room as the stench of Spantex was close to overwhelming their wee birdie respiratory systems. Progress as of yesterday:

Now, I'm undecided about paint on the porch. Christian quickly photoshopped in white on the rail and columns, and you'll have to imagine this with white on the stair risers, too:

The wood is still vaguely flesh-toned, but will be the same white as the trim in the end. I kind of want the painting to look like this, though:

Remember, white risers, not red. I just don't know.


Christian said...

It's such a happy, fun house now!

AAM said...

I do like the red w/ white trim, like the rest of the house.