Monday, November 14, 2005

One, two, and she's down for the count.

As if coming back from an excellent Disneyland vacation with some kind of illness wasn't bad enough, I found out on Friday that offers went out for a production for which I auditioned in June and not only did I not get the lead, I didn't even get the secondary role which I would have sung the shit out of. I had a good audition, am ideally suited for this rep and know the GD personally. It's totally ridiculous. For Pete's sake, I've been singing this rep for ten years and I kick ass at it. The GD actually applauded and said "bravo" after I sang. Like I posted in an earlier tirade, I just don't run with the right crowd and don't suck up enough. Either that, or I'm too fat.

The only thing I'm trying to remember is that, every time I haven't gotten something I really wanted, something better came along. I'm hoping this is the case this time, as I'm pretty depressed.

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AAM said...

First off, Chrisy isnt a plus size gal, and you said shes thinking of relocating to help her career. It sounds like its just cliquish and difficult to break into. Second, why not try your hand at event planning? You are soooo good at it.
You should sing, youre happy when you sing, but if its making you this stressed out its time to back burner it for a bit. My 2 cents.Ang.