Wednesday, November 02, 2005

No violence will be necessary at this juncture.

On Monday afternoon, I left work early due to a skull-cracking headache, and came home to this:

The Oxacan pottery from Mexico finally came (YAY!!!), packaged in its own little custom crate. I pried the cross-bars off with a hammer (with many splinters resultant) and opened the box:

to find much packing material, including shredded newspapers, all in Spanish, bubble wrap for later enjoyment:

and the first two (thankfully intact) items on top were the teapot and creamer:

For a minute, I was ramping up to be seriously pissed as I thought we had been sent the wrong items, as I remembered that we bought the blue pot and accessories, but Christian reminded me later that WE wanted the yellow as it reminded HIM of the sun and his Mexican ancestry. He really just wanted his way.

All complete, the set looked spectacular, and slightly Italian, which makes sense, due to the Mediterranean influence from the Spaniards:

I shall now be able to drink tea and remember the terrifyingly aggressive ware hawkers who were like gorillas in that, if you made eye contact with them, they charged. So very much worth the wait.

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