Monday, November 21, 2005

Fuzzy chestnuts of wisdom.

Cousin Stephanie and I went to see Jarhead on Saturday. Another cousin, Aaron, is in the movie, but apparently not recognizable as we couldn't find him despite our combined effort.

It was a good if slightly frustrating movie (too many unanswered questions), but one scene in particular (a shower scene, of course) did provide the answer to at least one oft-asked question, albeit not one I think the film intended to ask: the question of why there is so little male full-frontal nudity in mainstream Hollywood films.

I have no need to see that many dangling testicles in such vivid and, well, enormous detail. Ever. Again. Please.


Christian said...

Interesting you should mention it, there's a similar discussion over at about "freeing the ball." It's usually a problem after heavy squats, apparently.

...and that's weird, my verification word is "sqwuq." t and a are but millimeters away from the q, which would spell "sqwuat. Amazing.

I don't believe I had the balls to write that.

AAM said...

I wouldn't know, I have tiny LADIES testiclei! hehehe