Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Day Four

The foundation crew arrived yesterday in the deluge to pound in rebar and lay forms.  And today, they removed the basement door to allow them to fill it before cutting a new door in the foundation.  

That will be the door that leads to the new area of the basement once the addition is complete.  We couldn't keep the existing door as it falls outside the new footprint.  Notice the left corner of the house?  Why in the name of all that is holy would the original foundation have been poured in this manner?  What is the purpose?  There's a little shelf in the basement, but that could not possibly have been the reason for this absurd little overhang.  So, the workers are drilling in for rebar installation and then they'll fill to stabilize the area.  Fortunately, when the mudroom was removed, the outlet remained, so the powertools can be plugged in outside without having to run cords through the windows:

I'm hopeful that the foundation will be done by the time we leave for Panama so we can get the structure up when we get back.  Well, by "we" I mean the construction team.  You know, the capitalist "we".

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