Saturday, January 17, 2009

Now that's tired.

I got to the show today, and put on my makeup before getting changed into my costume.  Wait, I have to start earlier. Viv and I spent the last few days in Spokane rehearsing and visiting loved ones, and we flew back today. Viv decided that, last night, she no longer needed sleep and neither did I, but at 8 am, when we had to get up to catch our flight, she suddenly decided that sleep was all she ever wanted and that I was a wretch for making her do such an absurd thing as, you know, wake.  

Once home, I couldn't take a nap as Viv was fussy with Christian and I could hear her wails through the bedroom door.  The birds also decided that my return home and subsequent laydown meant that it was the best time EVER to imitate every sound they've ever heard in their lives, ever.  Ever.  I slept not a whit, especially when Christian brought a sleeping Viv in to her bassinet so he could go to Target and then she woke up and wanted nothing but to be held on my chest so she could drool copiously into my cleavage.

Back to the show.  I had put on my makeup and done my pincurls and went to the rack to get my dress.  I pulled it off the hanger, stepped into it and turned around to have the dresser zip me up.  When I reached into my bodice to lift up my boobs so it would be easier to zip (I like my bodices tight), I noticed that I could see my feet between the boning and my bra.  Wow, and the dress was zipped up already?  Yep, I hadn't even noticed.  Huh.  I glanced at my sleeve and noticed buttons.  Huh. That's odd, I thought my dress had ties on the sleeves.  It wasn't my dress.  Huh.

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Tina Blewett said...

I didn't realize your show started! I thought you were still in rehearsals. How did it go??
Love you! Don't drive when that tired!! :) T