Sunday, June 15, 2008

Drunk Blogging

Well, I'm not actually intoxicated anymore, but slightly-tipsy-and-mildly-sleepy doesn't quite have the same rebellious cache to it. Drunk on a Sunday night!  However, now all I want is a toothbrush as my teeth feel hairy.

Shelly and I had to watch the Tony Awards to make fun of Patti LuPone's jaw spasms and see which plays and musicals we should sob over not being able to see live as we live on the wrong coast and touring companies suck by the time they get to Seattle and all the really good stuff happens in New York, although Bartlett Sher won a Tony, and Cheyenne Jackson performed a scene from Xanadu, and I actually KNEW him when I was still in Spokane, as he is from around there and we have/had some of the same friends.  

Seeing someone to whom you used to serve coffee at the cafe where you worked the early morning shift during your last semester in college sing and dance on the freaking Tony Awards gives one a feeling that the world is a shockingly tiny place where anyone who is astonishingly beautiful and obscenely talented can make a huge career for themselves and have an entire website dedicated to their thighs alone (you have to log in to see the glory that is Cheyenne's quads, apparently).   And I can say I kind of knew some of his friends when.  

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shellswick said...

You are adorable...two margs and you were tipsy....soooo cute!
Long live "In the Heights" bollocks to LuPone and "South Pacific"!