Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Why am I suddenly feeling so hungry for pineapple?

Ever since I was a kid, I've tried very hard to not let myself get too excited about trips as I'm convinced that something terrible is going to happen and I won't be able to go and the devastation would be more than I could handle, so I repress....repress....repress....until about three or so weeks before I go, and then the stomach-clenching begins. This doesn't mean I don't plan. Oh no. I plan. I plan for any ten people. I read enough books and online boards for everyone that goes where I'm going within a year to have their entire day mapped out from breakfast buffet to mid-afternoon coffee break to late night snack. Hmmmm...that's only food. Well, priorities. Anyway, I refuse to be caught off guard. I want to know EVERYTHING about the current situation at my destination. This is all the more important when we're going to Disneyland, as we are on November 5th. I mean, if Splash Mountain is closed when I get to the park and I haven't prepared myself beforehand by reading every website that lists ride closures every day for months leading up to the trip so that if there are any changes I'll know the second they are confirmed, the disappointment at the first sight of the ride closure notice could be fatal, and that would really be a downer for the rest of the group.

The May Disney cruise planning was absolutely the worst. I was so terrified that I would miss something that EVERYONE ELSE KNEW ABOUT that I was physically and psychologically unable to detach myself from the Diz Boards Disney Cruise forum. I mean, what if there was a late night dessert buffet that I missed and it had the best tiramisu in the HISTORY OF DESSERTS, and everyone was talking about it the next morning but us??? God, the trauma.

All of this planning, however, did not take the worrying away. Oh no. Every night I dreamt that we missed our flight, that the boat took off early, that they lost our reservation, that I was, in fact, married to a terrorist and they wouldn't let him on the boat...blah blah blah. I only unclenched the sphincter when we were actually on board and in our room. Then I started to cry and couldn't enjoy myself for four days because I couldn't ACTUALLY BELIEVE that I was on the ship and that it wasn't a dream where I was going to wake up and have to go to work at Telect at 6 am and assemble sprockets like I did when I had just graduated college. Thank God that vacation was two weeks otherwise I wouldn't have had time to enjoy it before it was over.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that every post from now until we go will, most likely, be Disney related. Tee hee and I want a Dole Whip!

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AAM said...

oh Suz...I'm glad you are such a good planner. You rock! But you must calm down. We will have fun no matter what! It's Disneyland!