Friday, October 07, 2005

Smile and say THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

When you call a residency program to which you have applied and tell them that you, BY AN INEXPLICABLE COINCIDENCE, are going to be in town visiting your parents at the exact time they will be holding one of their five days of interviews and could they possibly interview you even though they haven't extended you an invitation because, out of the 275 other applicants, your grades and scores are mediocre at best, and they, out of the goodness of their hearts, say yes against their better judgment and you write back and say gee, that date is so inconvenient and doesn't work for me, can I interview the week before, despite the fact that the week before is completely full of candidates who were actually invited and had applications that didn't make it into the "Ha!" pile, and by giving you a spot to begin with someone more deserving won't get an interview, I'd say the answer would be NO.

Go back to your Devry medical school, you entitlist fuck.

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