Thursday, August 04, 2005

*%#$! Ebay

I tell ya, just when you think you have it in the bag, some young punk with a faster finger (ooo...sounds dirty) outbids you in the last FOUR SECONDS of an auction. And who really wants Rossi's Orfeo? It has to be someone who's in the upcoming Accademia d'Amore, the Baroque opera workshop for which I have to actually learn music from this opera, with me. They're probably in my scene, so I'll get many chances to beat them up. I'll have to "accidentally" step on their foot REALLY HARD, as that's what opera singers do, if my experience with a certain member of the Seattle Opera chorus is any indication. Cow. She had really big feet, too.

If I am to learn this thing by August 15th, I need the damn CD! I am the world's worst pianist and I get so frustrated banging out notes (again, dirty) in incorrect tempo that I just want to hear smart and historically informed performers in the RIGHT KEY. My cheesy Casio keyboard cannot be tuned to A415, people! I'm obviously a terribly lazy musician, but I have to hear peices done right in tempo at least once if I'm to have a prayer in hell of not making an ass of myself at a very important event in my almost-but-not quite career.

Grr. Grrrrr. GRRRRR!!

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